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who we are

Aim4Hope is a new organisation that is led by those with lived experience and was developed because the community were desperate for healthier activities that were accessible and affordable. We are determined to support young people who have little or no positive role models and women who are facing high levels of inactivity and low confidence.

We are a dynamic group of volunteers who have a range of skills from community youth work, academia, mentoring and sport development.

what we do

We will deliver fun and inclusive well-being sessions designed to support people who find it difficult to engage in their community, they may find it hard to try new things or meet new people. We empower them to live healthier lifestyles by focussing on both physical and mental wellbeing and through collaboration and teamwork we support them to develop their own resilience and self esteem.

why we do it

Youth inactivity is a big concern in Manchester. We recognise many factors that contribute to youth inactivity in our communities, including sedentary lifestyles, lack of access to affordable recreational facilities, limited opportunities for physical activity and limited role models to inspire participation, and of course socio-economic factors. To address this issue, we recognise that we must collaborate with local government, community organisations, schools, and families so we can implement strategies to promote youth engagement in physical activities. We believe there are always solutions and that we will never give up on inspiring young people to get active and enjoy life.

Lifelong learning & employment

Supporting Young People

Raising awareness about the importance of physical activity and its benefits for overall health and well-being can motivate young people to adopt more active lifestyles. We work with schools (and other community groups) to integrate our physical activity programmes into after-school sports and holiday activity. Our programmes blend a variety of sport and fun opportunities for young people so they can participate in activities they enjoy, develop their skills but also be around positive people.

Engaging in our programmes at a young age promotes the adoption of healthy lifelong lifestyle habits, they are more likely to…

  • Make nutritious food choices

  • Maintain regular exercise routine

  • Avoid harmful behaviours

Evidence shows that these habits established in young people tend to carry over into adulthood, promoting long-term well-being. And we support that!

Volunteers play a significant role in Aim 4 Hope


Aim 4 Hope volunteers help expand our capacity and enable us to access additional resources, skills, and enable us to reach more people. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds with valuable expertise, broad skill sets and we regularly use their specialised knowledge or experience.

If you would like to join us and give back to your community please reach out to us. We have a Volunteer strategy and governance in place to make the role enjoyable, clearly defined and safe, and most of all fulfilling.

Evidence shows that these habits established in young people tend to carry over into adulthood, promoting long-term well-being. And we support that!

Covering Wythenshawe, Trafford, Sale in Manchester

Providing support for life-long learning & employment

We believe that as a racially minoritised led group, there is an enhanced development of diverse thinking, experiences, and nuanced lived experiences.

Registered Address

Broomwood Community Wellbeing Centre, blueSCI, Mainwood Rd, Timperley, Altrincham WA15 7JF

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07935 113 832

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